A Closer Look at our Cake Counter

April 09, 2015

If you’ve visited our bakery, one of the first things you may have noticed is what we like to call our “Cake Counter”. Right when you walk into the store you will see glass walls encasing where we decorate all of our creations. Chances are, you will catch our head cake decorator and co-owner Gillian working her magic on decorating and designing everything from our signature cakes to wedding cakes. If you walk a bit further into the store, you will come across many of these signature cakes, cheesecakes and tarts on display in the cake cases. We wanted the Cake Counter to be an integral part of the store because we love sharing our cake-building and decorating process with our clients. There is nothing more joyful than seeing a child press his or her nose into the glass, completely consumed by the creativity that happens on the other side. (Don’t worry, we clean the glass often!)

Be sure to visit the shop to experience the Cake Counter in person! 

Photos by Vanessa Weber