Custom Cakes from Sketch to Masterpiece: Series 1

October 29, 2014

Customers always ask us how we take our designs from concept to cake. At the customer’s request, we interpret a customer’s dream cake into a hand-drawn sketch complete with colors, inscriptions and detail. This process ensures both parties visualize and agree on the final cake design and decorations. We love sharing our cake sketches, which exemplify the process.

Recently we created two custom smash cakes for a joint children’s birthday party based on the popular children’s television program, Daniel’s Tiger’s Neighborhood. We love the details of these cakes: the precious bunting banners, illustrations, and piping techniques.

The sketch came to life when we added the final touches to the cake. We added custom cupcakes to the mix to include other Daniel’s Tiger’s Neighborhood characters, so everyone could enjoy a piece of the celebration.

We love working closely with clients to develop a design that exceeds their expectations.

Stay tuned for more sketches turned into masterpieces!