Custom Cakes from Sketch to Masterpiece: Series 2, Inspired by Frozen!

November 10, 2014

If you noticed a lot of Elsa trick-or-treaters this year, you might understand why we’ve been getting a lot of custom cake orders that are designed around the hit Disney movie, Frozen. Princess Elsa is definitely the star of that movie and little girls all over the world love her for her independence and bravery.

For the second entry in this series, we did something pretty special. Not only do we have a sketch to share, but also process shots of a beautiful birthday cake we made inspired by the Disney film, Frozen.

Our client wanted Princess Elsa on her birthday cake, so we first had to choose an image of Elsa to use as a starting point. We thought this one was perfect - we think it totally embodies Elsa’s determination and defiance:

Next, we sketched out a basic design of the cake, which had the wow factor while still not putting too much of a dent in our client’s budget. Our sketch below shows the positioning of Elsa on the top of cake, as well as lots of wintry elements - hand-piped snowflakes as well as snowflake sprinkles, snow banks, icicles, and the blue color palate of the cake.

Next, after the client approved our sketch and the cake was ready to be decorated, we had to mix all of our colors. To get all of the correct skin and hair tones, as well as all the other colors we needed to fully execute this design, we mixed a total of 16 different frosting colors - some with multiple sizes of decorating tips. Once that was done, we sketched out Elsa’s face shape on the cake to put down the framework for our illustration. Next we filled in the skin tones, then facial attributes - nose, mouth, eyes, and ears - then we added her hair, starting with her darker roots, and ending with the high- and low-lights. Lastly, we went over the borders again, added her pretty eyelashes and the final snowflake touches. Watch the animation below to see Elsa transform from sketch to masterpiece!

One of our favorite transformations is watching the details truly come to life after we blend the frosting, giving Elsa’s illustration rosy cheeks and a delicate skin tone. You can also see why people say that the eyes are the window to the soul - Elsa’s expression really comes to life when her eyes are complete.

What’s your favorite process shot from the animation? Let us know in the comment section below!