Custom Cakes from Sketch to Masterpiece: Series 4, Rocket Ship Birthday Cake

February 27, 2015

Creating custom cakes is one of our favorite parts of this job, especially when the cake is for a little one’s birthday celebration!

This four-year old wanted to take on an outer space journey, so we knew we had to create something extra special. Our client provided us with a copy of the party invitation and we created a cake based on that design. We added galactic elements on the sides of the cake and on the background of the rocket ship by using different shades of frosting, and also added 3D frosting fire to the jet. 3, 2, 1 … blast off!

The finished product was perfect for Miles’ adventurous 4th birthday party. We love how the fire from the rocket ship’s jet hangs off the cake slightly, giving it an even more realistic look.

Let us know if your little one would like a custom creation like the one below. Give us a call or shoot us an email by heading over to our contact page!