Flavor in the News: Madagascar Vanilla

March 27, 2017

Photo via Williams Sonoma

We strive to source the highest quality ingredients for every recipe on our menu. One of our favorite ingredients in particular, the intoxicating Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, which we source from Nielsen-Massey is unfortunately experiencing a great shortage due to the poor harvest in Madagascar. The market price of our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract, which we use in almost all of our recipes is up nearly 150%.

That is a staggering amount! Although the extremely high prices, we continue to purchase the extract because of its importance in several of our recipes. A vanilla shortage article on The Guardian mentioned, “The combination of high prices and poor quality means some manufacturers are turning to synthetic alternatives. But many food brands are not open to using artificial flavourings.” And in more recent news, Cyclone Enawo has added even more strain to the shortage dilemma, predicting a very bad harvest with the harsh weather that has devastated Madagascar.

Natural, real, and high-quality ingredients is something we believe in wholeheartedly. It affects the overall taste and experience that our baked goods offer and we are not willing to compromise on that. Our Berry Patch cake, for example, would not have the same flavor profile with an artificial vanilla flavoring. The simplest ingredients truly make the biggest impact. We’re keeping our eye out for more vanilla shortage related news. In the meantime, rest assured our products will not be altered in any way!