Daily Nexus: Gluten Free Bakery Wows Gluten Eaters

March 26, 2015

Published: February 27, 2015
By: Erin Gurewitz

With increased knowledge of the negative effects gluten can have on some people, there have been more and more gluten-free options in cafés, supermarkets and even some bakeries. Let’s be honest though: most of those gluten-free options taste like cardboard. I thankfully do not have issues with eating gluten products, but I have many friends that do. And on their birthdays, I’m left thinking, what can I replace cake with that will actually taste good?

Lilac Pâtisserie, “a dedicated gluten free bakery and café,” opened on State Street just a few weeks ago, and it is the answer to all of your gluten-free wishes. At the moment, Lilac Pâtisserie is more of a bakery than a café, but that is soon to change when the breakfast and brunch menu becomes available in the upcoming weeks.

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